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29th June 2022

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  • Hello!

    I came up with this idea quite accidentally while watching a podcast of a Polish YouTuber. It was an interview with a billionaire, who at one point mentioned that he uses helpers to analyze the potential of companies in which he invests. In my head, I automatically thought of creating this application as a side project. As a person to whom the investment sector is completely unknown, I decided to explore it and this is how this application was created.

    How does the pair matching work?

    To find a pair investor and startup need to have the same:

    - Industrial Sector (AI, web3, FinTech, etc.)

    - Sector (Software, Physical product, etc.)

    - Money (the money ranges that the startup needs or the investor offer)

    - Focus Markets (B2B, B2C)

    - Company/Preferred stages (Idea, Seed, Growth, etc.)

    What do we get after matching?

    When both parties have paired up, they get access to a contact email

    Is there a subscription option?

    It is, but it is not required to use the app. The plan costs $6 per month and $49 per year, and that's the only one you'll find here. It gives us the ability to see who has liked us and unlocks the possibility of unlimited daily likes, which defaults set to 10.

    For developers information and technologies used:

    - Next.js (base)

    - Vercel (hosting)

    - Stripe (payments)

    - Mui (design system)

    - React-hook-form (to build forms)

    - Supabase (backend + file management)

    - tensorflow.js (AI - to scam porn images)

    - Lottie-web + framer-motion (all animations)

    - X-state (to manage state in multi step forms)

    I am grateful for any feedback that you can send here or through the form in the application immediately after signing up. Have a nice day :)

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