Tracking Personal Finances using Python

Learn how to track your finances using the Python ecosystem

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15th October 2022
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  • This book teaches you how to build a simple, privacy-aware, and developer-friendly workflow to keep track of your money.

    The Python ecosystem contains an excellent package called Beancount which provides the foundations for working with money. We'll take Beancount as the starting point to build your own "multi-banking" application which will act as the single point of contact for your entire financial history, and:

    1. store every single piece of data from all your bank accounts (only on your machine)

    2. act as the the first point of contact if you want to look up anything related to your finances

    3. import new financial transactions from your bank accounts on a continuous basis

    4. use customized tools to interact with your financial ledger, analyze your past financial behavior, show your spending patterns, income sources, current liabilities, and more!

    The final result will be a Git repository on your computer where you can view / edit everything related to your money.

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