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27th May 2022

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  • MenuLook is a new generation digital menu preparation platform that allows you to create your digital and QR menus for free and quickly. You can easily prepare your digital menus for your small or large businesses and make them instantly accessible via QR code. There is no menu limit in MenuLook, so you can have the opportunity to quickly prepare as many menus as you want from the interface. In addition, if your workplace has a menu on a platform such as,, or YemekSepeti, you can use the link Thuisbezorgd, Lieferando, or YemekSepeti to import all your products at once and have your digital menu automatically created. Also, you can further customize your menu by choosing one of 5+ different menu themes. All digital menus you prepare in MenuLook are mobile, tablet, and web-compatible, so you don't have to make any extra adjustments. After designing your digital menu, you can either download the special QR code produced for your menu or order your special QR code stickers for free via MenuLook. MenuLook also keeps statistical data about your digital menus and presents this data to you from its panel, so you can have the opportunity to better know and analyze your customers. MenuLook is developing day by day and keeping up with the feedback of its customers at the speed of light, you can experience digitalization by becoming a member of MenuLook now!

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