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16th June 2022

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  • Workmode is a web application. The goal of this app is to help the user find the best place to work from, depending on the location or search query of the user.

    This application is completely made and kept alive by me. I made this app while traveling and working in Southeast Asia. During my travels, there were moments of frustration looking for a good place to work with a solid download speed. When I finally found a cool cafe and bought my latte, the first thing I would do is test the internet speed. There's nothing worse than sitting in a cool coffee shop with your MacBook open, ready for work to find out the download speed is 80 Kbps.

    Finding a good workplace with a solid download and upload speed in some areas of the world can be tough. Out of this frustration I created Workmode. The initial idea of Workmode is to crowdsource the download speed of workplaces from all over the world, one-speed test at a time. In addition to the internet speed, a questionnaire is also shown in order to review the workability of a workplace. The speed test and questionnaire results are saved and shown to users when they are close by or do a search for the region where the workplace is located.

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